Participating in rise’s in loco workshops is a wonderful way to get involved with our organization and be a part of creating a culture of sustainable social entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa.

If you are, or have recently been, a student in the areas of architecture, construction, green building techniques, or environmental design, we encourage you to learn more about our workshop programming and apply to participate in an upcoming fellowship or workshop. If you are a design or architecture professional interested in leading a workshop abroad, we encourage you to consider sponsoring a workshop and participating as a tutor.

International undergraduates and graduate students

There are two workshops planned for in loco: Lesotho, and space for up to 20 international students to join rise fellowship students in learning design, architecture, construction, and entrepreneurship best practices. The cost to take part in one of these 2-week workshops is $1,895 per person, which includes a contribution towards the project as well as accommodation, all meals and ground transportation in Lesotho.

Individual workshops are scheduled to coincide with key stages of the construction process.  Each workshop will also be attended by a guest international tutor who will share their knowledge and expertise for a truly global experience.

Workshop Details

  • Workshop 1 – July 28 to August 11, 2019
  • Workshop 2 – August 11 to 25, 2019

Additional workshop information and topics will be available as they are scheduled.

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Lesotho Fellowship Program

Fellowships are available to graduates or diploma holders from Lesotho who have studied architecture, construciton management, engineering, construction, bricklaying, electrical installation, carpentry, plumbing or any other related diploma or degree. 

Following a “hands-on, participatory design” approach, we will work in close collaboration with members of the local community to design, refurbish and construct new social enterprise facilities for youth and adults with physical and mental disabilities.
At the same time, fellows will receive business training and a mentoring program. The program will focus on skills needed to initiate entrepreneurial ventures.

Basotho graduates and diploma holders can apply to join a cohort of 10 like-minded fellows interested in learning through doing and taking a practical approach to architecture and construction.

Benefits of our fellowship program include:

  • Work as part of a team of 10 young construction, engineering and architecture fellows in our exciting knowledge exchange program, improving your chances of employment and gaining valuable skills to start your own projects.
  • Gain practical experience and develop a portfolio of work.
  • Mentorship opportunities from industry leading experts who will assist you in making the most of your skills and help you to prepare for a professional career.
  • Meet new people and get to learn new cultures, as you learn and work with  international construction, engineering, and architecture students from the USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • Make a difference to orphans and the Lesotho community.

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Corporate and Individual Workshop Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a variety of workshops which can be sponsored by individuals or businesses, and allow you to support rise while sharing your knowledge with African and international students in design and construction.

International Tutorial Workshop

Based in Lesotho, this workshop involves your company with running a week-long tutorial on a specialized topic. Possible workshops ideas include materials use, sustainability, building technology, design and detailing, and professional practices.

Participatory Design Workshop

Based in Lesotho, this workshop involves your company in facilitating a two week tutorial on a specialized, hands-on design topic.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities and ways to donate to rise, please visit our Fundraising page, or download a copy of our Corporate Sponsorship Brochure

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