about in loco

in loco is a unique hands-on design and build experience, focused on knowledge exchange, capacity building, cooperation and development. in loco was born out of a collaboration between Pedro Clarke and Luca Astorri, two architects, with a passion for architecture and international development, who after more than a decade working in humanitarian and development projects, and seeing the need for construction and architecture skills in remote rural locations


Following a “hands-on, bottom-up” approach, and working in close collaboration with members of the local community, in loco engages local NGOs, students and young graduates from local architecture and construction courses, as well as international participants with an interest in architecture, development, sustainability and the built environment to create a network of shared knowledge and experience to help change the cities and rural villages of tomorrow.

Infographic of Community Driven Development flow chart

Capacity building

in loco, was born from the idea that local issues should be dealt with by local people, and that international expertise can, instead of taking over, play a key role in capacity building and developing key skills, and the professional environment needed to deal with those issues.

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