Tools for Social Impact

As part of our mission to support social enterprise, rise offers a number of tools to social enterprises and conference organizers in the social enterprise sector.

Through our workshops and programs, we offer educational tools to social entrepreneurs in low-income countries.  Now, we are excited to be able to offer the use of exclusive scheduling software to conference organizers who would like to facilitate meetings and networking opportunities to conference attendees.

Matchmaking Platform for Social Impact

Are you an event planner or conference organizer specializing in social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, and community-based small business development? If so, rise can help you with access to our specialized scheduling software.

rise’s co-founder, BOND Events, specializes in organizing global B2B matchmaking events and 1-to-1 meetings for businesses and individuals working in the architecture and design industries. As the pioneer in the field, BOND developed an online matchmaking platform that produces pre-scheduled meetings for all event attendees using a specialized algorithm.

BOND has given rise proprietary rights to the software for use at conferences in the social enterprise sector.

How can our matchmaking platform help your conference?

The platform enables attendees to select whom they would like to meet with in order of priority and compiles personalized meeting schedules with a convenient meeting location. The majority of your conference participants are there to network, but it is often hard to arrange meetings that are mutually convenient. By using our platform, time and effort to schedule 1-on-1 meetings are significantly reduced so more event time can be spent networking and conducting business.

The platform enables participants to select whom they would like to meet with, in order of priority, and compiles personalized meeting schedules for everyone with a specific meeting spot.

How does our platform work?

As soon as an attendee registers for your event, they are provided with a unique login password. They then upload a photo of themselves and complete a company profile. Once the registration period closes and profiles have been created, attendees are encouraged to log into the platform, review the profiles of other participants and submit meeting requests. The platform algorithm then creates and compiles meeting schedules.  All participants will receive their personalized meeting schedule via email in advance of your conference.

How is our platform different from other scheduling software?

collection of meeting schedules

Our matchmaking platform stands above other scheduling software.

  • All meetings are requested by participants after reviewing their company profiles. The software does not “pre-match” or suggest any meetings.
  • The platform designates a specific time and location for each meeting, so attendees do not waste time with scheduling or trying to find each other.
  • The platform provides a list of attendees that requested meetings that could not be scheduled due to time constraints. This allows the individuals to connect on their own time or after the conference.
  • The platform is compatible with most other conference and event planning apps so attendee data can be easily imported.
  • Personalized meeting schedules allow attendees to maximize their time by only meeting with those participants they most want to connect with.
  • The platform can be completely customized incorporating your event logo and colors, and so can easily be integrated into your marketing materials.

Why should I choose to use scheduling software from rise?

When your conference chooses to use our matchmaking platform, not only will you receive access to a specialized scheduling software proven to improve conference attendee’s experience, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your dollars are being spent to support social enterprise.  All revenue generated from events and conferences using our platform goes to support our programs and efforts to support social entrepreneurs.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about our platform, contact [email protected] to set up a demonstration and learn how our software can be used to make your organization’s next conference more efficient and productive.