Our Impact

rise is committed to making an impact

Effectively fostering social businesses in the developing world is a widespread social issue. At rise, we believe that networking local entrepreneurs to a worldwide professional community and providing essential training and development can have a catalytic effect on business development and reduce a community’s dependency on outside aid.

rise is committed to making an impact in the communities we serve by helping to develop 100% self-funding and self-sustaining independent social businesses.

By bringing together local entrepreneurs and experienced architecture, design, and construction professionals rise aims to:

  • Build professional knowledge and technical skills needed to run social enterprises successfully.
  • Empower job seekers with the tools and skills needed to find employment or become job creators in their communities.
  • Transform the architecture, design, and construction methods used in sub-Saharan African communities to maximize available environmental resources while minimizing costs.
  • Provide practical construction projects to recent graduates in architecture and the construction trades to increase their technical skills and design abilities and so they can pass these onto the local community.
  • Expand social business development from urban areas into outlying communities and rural areas to address the need for quality housing and infrastructure.
  • Establish working groups between business development professionals and those working in the technical and trade industries for collaboration and networking.

Learn more about rise’s 2019-20 Evaluation (or the abridged version here) and 2018 Evaluation Report and how you can get involved.