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Motivated by lack of infrastructure

My name is Sello Mohami, but most people know me as Macala. I am a 22-year-old Mosotho man and a certified Construction Management technician having graduated from Lerotholi Polytechnic in 2022.

Sello Mohami

I was born and raised in Maseru central Ts’enola-Motimposo where I got interested in this field of construction due to the lack of roads which leads to a lot of accidents and also lack of advanced infrastructure. 

Later on relocated to the south side of Maseru which is Mazenod Ha Sekepe, where I was part of the team which designed and constructed my new home there, that is when I developed a deep love for construction and electric works. I was working directly with the bricklaying and electrical installation team and I was working there as unskilled labour, that is when I recognized how passionate I am with construction works. On the other hand I think I had a positive influence from my uncle who has been in construction for approximately 15 years. He is an experienced Bricklayer who has worked on various projects in Lesotho under Lesotho Steel Products. He has been supportive and very keen to help me grow in this industry.

Mohami on the construction site

I am a student-athlete at Kick4Life and this is where I learned about the in loco fellowship when I was introduced to the stadium of Life project by Kick4Life. Kick4Life knew how passionate I am in stadium construction and they helped me out to apply. I am very grateful to Kick4Life because now I am part of rise International 5th in loco fellowship because of their guidance. 

As a fellow in the in loco program, I am privileged and proud to be  part of 9 hard working mates where we are trusted to design and construct the 4th phase of Kick4Life – Stadium of LIfe. This is the unique project which uses FSC approved gum poles to construct stands and containers for dressing rooms. In the first months of the project I was given a role of being a site manager, this was quite a challenge because my work was to oversee all the site works and also to lead and come up with solutions. 

As a construction manager people always think it’s easy for you to lead but it is never that easy to manage people with different attitudes and disciplines, but as i have always believe i was born a soldier i managed to overcome all the challenges and that is when i was confident about my career choice and i know construction site is my other home and leading people is my favorite meal. Later on I transitioned to being a Buyer where I was capable of preparing Bill of Quantities and procuring all material needed on site. In this role I improved mostly in preparing Bill of quantities, negotiating with hardware and individuals also learned to work within a tight budget.

Mohami on site

When I first joined the fellowship my goal was to graduate from it with all the skills needed in construction which are Plumbing, Bricklaying, Electrical installation e.t.c, But with the cohort I am learning beyond my goal as i am being given business modules where I am guided on how i can turn one of my milestone which is having my own Construction Company. The fellowship has helped me to improve my communication and leadership skills and also the most important part of construction which is being hand-on, meaning bringing the theory acquired from school down to the ground onsite.

Isaiah 60:22

“At the right time, I, the LORD, will make it happen”.This is my everyday motive, I rely mostly on the Lord’s timing. If things get worse I keep pushing until God presses His timer for them to get better. 

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