August is a thrilling month that brings excitement and lots of activities through our international workshop which is led by the in loco Director Luca Astorri. We have three young passionate architects and an international law student who came all the way from Greece, Belgium, and Italy to Lesotho, and joined our in loco fellows to learn how to build timber stadium stands. 

We are grateful for the participation of Luca De Vos and Marta Gobbo who came to Lesotho as part of their Masters in Architecture at Politecnico di Milan, Vasiliki Zacharia a graduate of Architecture in International Cooperation, Sustainable and Emergency Architecture at Universitat International de Catalunya, Spain and Emma Biraghi, an undergraduate in Politics and Law from the University of Milan, Italy who is being hosted by Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled. 

International Student Luca de Vos on-site

The international students team is also joined by other amazing local participants who are working together in the design and construction of  Kick4Life’s Stadium of Life. The construction of the stadium is done using sustainable building materials and indigenous plants in order to create a unique eco-stadium purpose built for social change.

During the two-week international workshop the participants share skills and improve their architctural and construction knowledge while bringing this amazing project to life. 

In the end, the idea is that both the local participants and the international students would have gathered enough hands-on experience.