Partnerships are key


It would not be possible for us to do our work without our key partners. Throughout the planning of the program, partnerships have been formed with  Limkokwing University, Lerotholi Polytechnic as well as the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD).

The MoSD continues to give us technical advice to ensure that we are following the national guidelines. We are also in discussions with the MoSD and UNICEF with regards to piloting a new therapeutic care program called “I am Who?” to help vulnerable children dealing with identity and self-identification issues, induced by loss and trauma. So look out for updates on this in the coming months.

An MoU has been signed with Limkokwing University who are very generously offering one of their classrooms as the in loco studio and giving the fellows access to their computer lab, projector and other facilities. We are also working in close collaboration with Lerotholi Polytechnic who is offering their auditorium for visiting lectures as well as sending their built environment professors to attend key workshops.

We look forward to forging more partnerships with key stakeholders working in the country and region.


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