in loco fellowship launched in Lesotho

Twenty of Lesotho’s most promising young entrepreneurs have been selected to join an 8-month design & build fellowship program which will run from February to September 2018. The fellows consist of 14 male & 6 female graduates and diploma holders from cross-disciplinary areas including architecture, civil & electrical engineering, construction management, interior design, carpentry, social welfare & community development from Lerotholi Polytechnic, Limkokwing University, National University of Lesotho, Institute of Development Management and Central University of Technology.

in loco has an innovative and unique approach to the Design and Build Training Programs. Created to have a real impact in the lives of all participants our approach builds on the Live Projects teaching model and learning from life, skills sharing and capacity building.

in loco engages with local communities, local NGOs, students and young graduates from local architecture and construction courses, as well as international participants with an interest in architecture, development, sustainability and the built environment.

This year’s inaugural project takes us to Maseru the capital of Lesotho, a country land locked inside of South Africa. Here, the in loco fellows will carry out much needed construction work to improve the quality of life for orphans who currently live in very cramped conditions in an existing orphanage called God’s Love Centre (GLC).

Following a “hands-on, bottom-up” approach, we will be working in close collaboration with members of the local community on the completion of this building and simultaneously start the design and construction of new dormitories, facilities and external play areas on a new site about 1km from the existing site.
At the same time, the fellows will go through a practical entrepreneurship-training program helping them to set up their own businesses and a pipeline of community construction projects throughout the country, with a particular focus on rural and semi-rural development.

Read the first of a series of blogs by one of the fellows – Palesa Rapolo. Stay tuned to follow their progress!


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