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Lesotho exhibits at Triennale Milan, Italy for the first time

More exposure internationally for the Mountain Kingdom as Lesotho is awarded a pavilion at the prestigious Triennale Museum in Milan, Italy, one of the world’s leading cultural institutions. This year Triennale Milano takes up and continues the important reflections that emerged from the last edition; Broken Nature, ensuring critical continuity with its proactive approach. The exhibition is conceived as a space for open, wide-ranging debates and exchanges of views, where different experiences, cultures, and perspectives can converge. The title of this 23rd International Exhibition is “Unknown Unknowns”, it offers itself to visitors as a rediscovery of mysteries.

Did you know that we only know a paltry 5% of the universe? Lesotho, a landlocked country in South Africa, is part of that 95% of the world still unknown to many. The research for the pavilion was conducted by Giada Zuan, on behalf of rise and the Milan-based architecture AOUMM, under the leadership of Luca Astorri, rise‘s lead architect and co-Founder of AUOMM. The research found that the Kingdom of the Sky through water forms an essential element of the country’s identity. “Lesotho Water Realms: a visual research on geopolitics, society, and rituals” offers the visitors three-dimensional scales between landscape, human proximity, and spirituality, through an assemblage of visual fragments.

The Lesotho Pavillion was visited by His Excellency Ambassador of Lesotho in Italy Thesele John Maseribane along with the Founder of rise, CEO of AOUMM, and Lead Researcher Giada Zuan (Pictured). 

Watch this short clip of the pavilion


Lead researcher: Giada Zuan

Curators: Luca Astorri and Matteo Poli, , AOUMM, Daniela Gusman, rise

Team: Retsepile Rammoko, Valentina Riverso, Pedro Clarke; A+ Architecture , James Melson

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