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 Everyday is World Youth Skills day at rise

Everyday is World Youth Skills day at rise

The United Nations declared July 15th World Youth Skills Day to be the day we all celebrate the importance of youth training and skills development. This day is dedicated to providing young people with opportunities to improve their skills by participating in programs designed to develop their entrepreneurial and work skills.

Skills development is at the core of our work at rise which is why the in loco fellowship program was created and launched 5 years ago. It is a “learning-by-doing” program where local graduates from the Design, Architecture, and Built Environment fields are awarded practical hands-on work experience while equipped with the skills to set up and run successful enterprises. We have had 3 successful cohorts since 2018 and are proud that 93% of our in loco fellows who graduate, called Pioneers, are now in self or full-time employment. 

We are thrilled to announce that this year, we are piloting new ways of achieving our mission of youth skills development by partnering with Lesotho’s Ministry of Finance and their apprenticeship program for unemployed youth from which we are selecting the fellows. 

Furthermore, we will be building a primary school kitchen using sandbag technology – they are fire-resistant, have good thermal efficiency qualities, and will lead to a possible affordable housing solution. 

Developing the skills of the youth is at the heart of rise, every day is World Youth Skills day with us. Join our community of supporters and Subscribe to be a donor here.

Photo by Rets’epile Rammoko


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