Entrepreneurship in Lesotho – The Past, Present and Future

Here is some fascinating reading from Dr Sean Maliehe (PhD), a postdoctoral research fellow in the Human Economy Programme, Centre for Advancement of Scholarship, University of Pretoria.

Dr Maliehe works on the economic history of Lesotho and on the development of mobile money in southern Africa (Lesotho and South Africa).

He gave a fascinating lecture in Maseru on Entrepreneurship in Lesotho, only his third time presenting the subject in his native country.

Click on links below for each paper:

Potential Colonial Commerce
An obscured narrative in the political economy of colonial commerce in Lesotho 1870 – 1966

The rise and fall of African Indigenous Entrepreneurs
Economic solidarity in Lesotho 1966 – 1975

Voices from Around the World
Hope for the Future

Money and Markets for and against the people
The rise and fall of Basotho’s Economic independence, 1830’s – 1930’s





Lesotho Blues


Partnerships are key

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