IN LOCO FELLOWS BLOG SERIES #10: Learning by Doing is the best way to grow

One way to understand how the real world operates after completing tertiary level, is not only through other people’s preconceived ideas and notions, but also by actually being with them and learning the skills and knowledge from those who went before you.

It was October 2017 after perusing through rise brochure about the construction of God’s Love Centre Orphanage. They were looking for recent graduates to be on the fellowship. I then asked myself, “how would my Architecture Associate Degree, my skills and my education be of benefit to this cause?” The thought that my education was going to change a life, motivated me to decide not to sit back but to use my unique abilities to pursue being a fellow as they seemed to call it.

It was a great privilege to be part of the in-loco fellowship as I gained skills and confidence of building what I have designed. I also benefited from the guest lecture series by networking with industry captains, how cool is that!

It seemed like an up-hill struggle at some points during the pilot in loco fellowship program due to the fact that I never had any experience in construction-related work. However, during the process I realised that in order to triumph and achieve maximum learning, I must apply discipline and consistency even during the uphill moments. I also realised that our deepest strengths are not enhanced when we are apart, but only when we come together in ways that we uniquely can.

Oh! By the way, our Boss (I know she’s going to hate this) (Daniela Gusman), made the uphill easier by taking us out to different places such as Semonkong as an appreciation to the prominent work that we in loco fellows were doing on construction site.

Besides the outings, the rise team is really doing a great job in making a difference in the lives of GLC children and to Basotho graduates in the built environment. Through this program; which instills in us the mindset to be job creators and not job seekers, a lot of us are in the process of starting businesses and rise has helped us get mentors, so that we can launch our businesses with an open mind.



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  1. Ts'epang
    June 30, 2019

    I am so interested in being part of the team “in loco”

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