To take part in one of rise‘s workshops you need to raise at least $1,595 for the project plus sufficient funds to cover flights and insurance. The following top tips should help you get there…

1. Set up a YouCaring page to manage your fundraising.

YouCaring is a free fundraising platform for crowdfunding.  It is much easier for people to donate and saves you the hassle of collecting money from people directly.

Visit to set up your page. If you need assistance setting up your page please get in touch.

2. Write personalized letters.

write a letter

Write personalized letters to friends, family and work colleagues asking them to support your efforts. Tell them this is not just a charity challenge – you will be taking part in a real design and building training program that will help young local entrepreneurs build their dreams, and will be gaining invaluable international building knowledge and skills.

3. Organize a fundraising event.

Organize a fundraising event at work or school, encouraging colleagues to support you. Trivia nights work well, and you could ask local companies to donate prizes.  If you are good at drawing or making things, you could also organize a local auction with your artwork!

fundraising idea: art auction

Raffles are fun ideas that get people excited about contributing with the ability to gain something back, but if you’re planning to hold a raffle, make sure that you check with your state for any regulations first.  In most states raffles are considered gambling and holding a raffle may require you to obtain a license first.

4. Put aside a monthly donation yourself.

piggy bank

$50 every month for 12 months would contribute $600 towards your total.  Forgoing a daily coffee purchase of $5 would equal $1,825 after a year.

5. Redirect gifts.

wrapped gift

Instead of receiving Birthday, Christmas presents and so on, ask people who would otherwise send you presents to make a donation towards your total.

6.  Declutter and have a sale.

garage sale

If you have anything you no longer need around the house sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or in a local Facebook group.  Have a lot of items that you no longer need?  Hold a yard or garage sale.  Posting a sign at your yard or garage sale about rise and why you’re holding the sale will reduce people haggling over price and may even get you some extra donations.

7. Gamify it!

mountain climbing

Take on a challenge such as a marathon or climbing a mountain and write to friends, family and local companies asking them to sponsor you.

8.  Get press.


Contact your local newspaper and ask them to do a story about your challenge. Ask them to include your YouCaring web link.

9.  Organize a tournament


Organize a five-a-side football tournament, baseball, chess or even board game tournament with teams paying a fee to enter. You could ask a local company to sponsor the event. Contact local teams and companies asking them to enter a team. Promote in the local media.

10.  Get your friends involved.

Encourage your friends to fund-raise for you or organize a fun event that they can donate to attend.  For example, you can organize a Sky Dive with each person contributing an extra $200 towards your total or you can organize a dinner party for friends and family. Charge everyone $25 and cook them a meal. You could do an African themed night!

Keep going, be innovative, stay focused and enjoy it! It will be well worth it!

You can find additional fundraising tips & ideas on YouCaring’s website.