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Privacy Policy

rise International, BOND Events Ltd, BOND Events International Ltd and BOND Middle East DMCC (the companies), together with their subsidiaries and those that they are associated with, collect and use personal information (such as name, address, telephone number and email address) in order to conduct business smoothly. By submitting an inquiry via the website or other electronic means, you agree to and understand the statements below:

  1. The companies, acting as data controllers and processors, respect the privacy of individuals and conform to the applicable laws and regulations on the use of personally identifiable data.
  2. The companies operate practices and procedures to protect all data submitted and held, and protect from disclosure, loss, alteration and other inappropriate use.
  3. The companies hold and process any personal information submitted for the purpose of responding to that contact, whether it be from an existing customer or prospective customer, or a sign up to the newsletter.
  4. Any individual that makes contact with the companies has the right to terminate any or all communications with the company; subscriptions to the newsletters can be managed from within received emails.
  5. The companies will never sell, exchange or in any way pass on personal data held outside of the companies, their subsidiaries and those that they are affiliated with, unless required to do so by a court of law.

By registering for an event/RITC you agree to be contacted via email with information regarding your attendance and the event.

Oliver Needs,
Co-Founder, rise International and

BOND Events Ltd, BOND Events International Ltd and BOND Middle East DMCC

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