rise in the city 2020

Building Africa's Future through Enterprise


rise in the city 2020 will take on it’s biggest challenge yet;

Raising money for the design and build of an Entrepreneurship Hub for unemployed youth in Maseru, Lesotho.

rise in the city is our annual initiative that finds initiative ways to build relationships between architects and suppliers, whilst raising urgent funds to support our vitally important work with African youth.

We need to do this because…

Africa’s young people are vulnerable and in crisis, nearly 40% of the population are youth (age 15-30), living below the poverty line and unable to find work.

Over 54% will have lost one or both parents by the time they are 17. The Enterprise Hub will tackle this desperate situation by creating jobs, local goods and services. This will feed money back into the community, putting food on the tables and roofs over heads.

The purpose-built Hub will house up to 100 young entrepreneurs at a time and be a high profile International pilot project that could become the model for other Hubs all over Africa?

The Enterprise Hub will focus on the creative, artisan, design and built sectors. Including workshop spaces, a tool library, a sample library, a marketplace, referral system, fully functional shared office space, business and technical coaching. It will be a supportive environment that promotes networking, innovative thinking, creativity and design, as well as promoting ethical business practices.

The Hub will be built by local talent as part of our fellowship program, where recent graduates learn vital skills through socially impactful community design and build projects. Click here to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and news as we reveal the exciting plans for the design of the Hub.

We need to raise $100,000 
by July 2020 to build the hub

Are you an Architect?

Architects put their name to one of our building blocks, and agree to have a networking meeting with one of the supporting suppliers (similar to a lunch and learn) AND mentor one of the first 50 entrepreneurs that will be chosen to become a member of the Hub when it opens (circa April 2021). A commitment of just 4 hours a month for 6 months, will consolidate the youth’s learning and set them on the right track, inspiring them as they start their entrepreneurial journey.

Are you an Supplier?

Suppliers invest just $2,000 to sponsor the building block of their chosen architect. They can then enjoy a productive one-on-one networking meeting with them and know they have contributed to the future of the youth in Africa whilst delivering an impressive ROI to their business!

Select a block to join us

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Block 013

Block 013

Nicola Gigante

Did you know…

rise is a US registered 501(c)(3) non profit so any donations made are tax deductible?


Why have you only chosen to help entrepreneurs from the design and built sector?

The design and built sector is important throughout the African continent because as the population grows, so does the need for more infrastructure development becomes more crucial. It also creates a lot of jobs for both skilled and unskilled labour thus offering a good solution to the high levels of unemployment and it’s also overtaking many other sectors in terms of it’s contribution to the GDP.

Why Lesotho?

Lesotho is a land locked country with most items and expertise imported from South Africa. This means escalating costs and a shrinking economy. The rapidly growing population face scorching hot summers and extremely cold winters and 70% of them are unable to afford even the cheapest house a contractor will build. By improving the business skills and assisting entrepreneurs into this sector, it will feed the local economy and create jobs. They are also skills that can be taught and passed on to other members of the community.

How will you choose which entrepreneurs can use the Hub?

We will offer membership of the Hub to aspiring entrepreneurs who are unemployed and recent graduates from schools, polytechnics and universities in Lesotho. Priority will be given to youth aged 18-25 with an entrepreneurial spirit which will be assessed based on any initiatives they have set up or participated in, as well as interviews and reference checks.

Will membership last forever?

Membership will just be for one year to allow others to benefit from the Hub’s services and it will be reviewed and monitored on a quarterly basis.

Will you build more Entrepreneurship Hubs?

Yes, we hope that this pilot project will become a template for additional Hubs to be constructed country-wide and ultimately across the African continent.


Supporting mentors and sponsors will receive:

  • Promotion on riseinthecity.org – your company logo will appear in the building block you are supporting with additional promotion on the rise and BOND Events websites
  • Promotion in our social media campaign
  • Inclusion in press releases
  • Exposure at the Enterprise Hub

Block 013

Nicola Gigante

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