In partnership with Catholic Relief Services Lesotho, we have been been trying to address the poor quality of childcare centers in Lesotho, where mostly single mothers (who earn less than $70 per month), drop off their babies as young as a 6 weeks, while they work in the textile factories for over 10 hours per day.

Learn more about the problem by watching this brief video produced by CRS.

Through a collaborative participatory design process, we have engaged with over 25 different stakeholders including factories, trade unions, day care opearators, parents, NGO’s, Government and others to try to find solutions including ways in which day care centers can improve their quality of care through low or no cost solutions which you can see here.

In addition we have developed a model day care centre which would act as a resource hub and training centre for other day care centers. The only thing left to do now is to raise the funds needed to build it! Donate here