An Architecture & Construction Program

in loco: is a live design, build & entrepreneurship training program. The pilot of the first cohort ran from February to December 2018. A cohort of 20 recently graduated Basotho students from local Architecture and Construction Schools participated for the duration of the program.

in loco: Lesotho

Our Lesotho in loco program is a “learning-by-doing” experience in which all participants are involved in the planning, design, building, and community engagement processes. This helps to bridge disconnects between tradespeople and architecture professionals that currently exists in sub-Saharan Africa, and creates relationships intended to grow into long-term business partnerships.

Our approach builds on the Live Projects teaching model and emphasizes skills sharing and capacity building beneficial for both local students and international participants.  Participants will put emerging skills immediately to use on a large-scale construction and design project necessary to improve the quality of life for the children at God’s Love Centre.


Applications to in loco Lesotho are accepted through October and successful participants are recruited into the first cohort moving together through workshops and construction, as per timeline shown below.  January through March focus on the design aspects of the project and April marks the start of the 6 month construction fellowship.

In Loco Timeline

Anticipated Outcomes:

in loco participants leave the program with:

  • concrete design and construction skills,
  • a strong understanding of how building practices and infrastructure can be improved in rural areas
  • a portfolio of work
  • a strong understanding of entrepreneurial skills, making them either highly employable in the local industry or capable of starting their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Longer Term Outcomes

As in loco participants take their newly gained knowledge and skills out into the world, sharing what they’ve learned at their universities and in their communities, we expect to see a ripple effect as increasingly more design and construction students and professionals see the potential of rural development and break the cycle of capital-centric development.

Additionally, as rise strives to support social entrepreneurs in rural communities, in loco Lesotho will have the added positive outcome of supporting the social enterprise that is God’s Love Center orphanage.  The orphanage will benefit from a new building, built by in loco participants.


In Loco Diagram 2