in loco 2019: Entrepreneurship Program

in loco 2019: is a live Design & Build Entrepreneurship Program which is running from August 2019 to January 2019.

A cohort of 13 recently graduated Basotho students from local Architecture and Construction Schools participate in this innovative fellowship program.

While building the country’s first ever centre for youth with Intellectual Disability & Autism, the fellows are also going through an intense Business Training program which is comprised of classroom theoretical work as well as practical assignments such as conducting market research, compiling business plans, running social media campaigns, hosting events to mention but a few, so that by the end of the fellowship the fellows are in a position to launch their own small business generating employment for themselves and others in their communities.

As well as the business trainings the fellows are also all assigned various roles which they rotate every 2 months so that they get to practice how to run a company by taking on different responsibilities including being a site manager, site architect, buyer, plants & logistics management, health & saftey, quality control and so on.

Thus being transfored from job seekers to job creators. Invest in the future of African Entrepreneurs. Donate here