We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Possible Dreams Foundation working with 300 community members of the beautiful Ha’ Sekantsi community to build a much needed footbridge over the Likolobeng river. Several people have died trying to cross the river over the years.

Watch this short video to understand why this bridge is so desperately needed by the community.

The bridge will enable year-round access for the children to get to school. At the moment they are at the mercy of the often impassable river and walk 4 hours to get there and back.

The bridge will also allow community members to access essential healthcare services and the market which they rely on in order to earn a living.

The bridge project is possible thanks to funding from J Portelli Projects.

We hope that once the bridge is successfully completed, if we are able to raise enough funds, the next project will be to build a community learning center that will include a pre-school, a night school for the herd-boys as well as an adult education centrer and medical outreach facilities. This will mean that the 43 children of the village can access their right to an education. Many children are not able to go to school as they have to look after the animals in the fields and those that do get there, are often unable to concentrate due to hunger and exhaustion.