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May 2023 – in loco 5th cohort intro

We are excited and proud to introduce our in loco fellows for 2023

Meet our in loco 2023 fellowship team. This year we are happy to announce that we have reached another milestone. These fellows are the cream of the crop that was picked out of the largest pool of hopefuls, as we had the largest number of applications this year.

Sipho Thoane – Sipho is an exceptional young man with an unwavering determination to succeed in all areas of his life. His thirst for knowledge surpasses architecture and construction, and he embraces failure as a stepping stone towards his goals. Through the fellowship program, Sipho aspires to expand his expertise in coordination and supply chain management within the construction industry, making the most out of collaboration with people from different backgrounds and professions to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Sipho’s pleasant demeanour, kindness, and warm-hearted nature make him a delightful presence in any setting, further enhancing his remarkable character.

Sello Mohami –  Affectionately known as Macala, Sello is a dedicated individual who pursued studies in Construction Management. With a deep passion for the construction industry, Macala aspires to acquire a comprehensive skillset that encompasses all aspects of construction, including plumbing and electrical works from the fellowship program. His enthusiasm extends beyond technical expertise, as he also strives to develop strong leadership skills. Macala is driven by genuine care for people and possesses a remarkable ability to understand and fulfil client needs. In addition to his professional pursuits, Macala showcases his talents on the football field as a player for Kick4Life, demonstrating his well-rounded nature and commitment to both personal and team excellence.

Rethabile Chaka – Rethabile, a talented graduate in Architectural Technology, brings a unique blend of skills to architecture in the fellowship program. With a passion for the built industry, Rethabile aspired to infuse the art of architecture with photography and video production, in order to offer a fresh perspective and creative flair to his projects. His curiosity and willingness to learn the skills and creativity in architecture and photography position him to create visually captivating designs. Beyond his technical abilities, Rethabile’s charming personality allows him to connect effortlessly with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Muso Molomo – A graduate in Plumbing and Sheet Metal Work, Muso has set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur while expanding his knowledge in various construction fields through the fellowship program. Muso looks forward to acquiring the skills necessary to prepare and present comprehensive reports through his participation in the fellowship program. Though initially a bit shy, Muso’s genuine nature becomes evident as he gradually opens up, taking the time to truly build meaningful connections with people.

Lintle Mofolo – With diplomas in both Civil Engineering and Architecture, Lintle has shown dedication to expanding her knowledge and skillset. Despite her fear of venturing into new territories, she remains determined to explore new frontiers by absorbing all she can in the fellowship program. Lintle’s inquisitive nature and love of learning are evident in her appetite for knowledge, whether it be through reading, watching educational videos or engaging in insightful conversations. Lintle has a passion for growth and a determination to embrace new challenges.

Lintle Ramathatele – Lintle, a Water and Environment Engineering graduate, seeks to gain entrepreneurial skills, enhance public speaking abilities, and learn fieldwork in construction, networking, communication, and collaboration through the fellowship program. Although an introvert, Lintle is known for her exceptional kindness, unwavering dedication, and passion for making a positive impact. Lintle finds solace in reading and researching environmental issues, striving to create a better world for future generations.

Moipone Sekola – Moipone, affectionately known as Ponyda, is a talented graduate in Civil Engineering. Ponyda is excited to participate in our fellowship program to bridge the gap between her academic knowledge and practical experience. Beyond her engineering pursuits, Ponyda enjoys playing tennis and finding joy in comedy videos. With a grounded demeanor and natural leadership abilities, she thrives at the forefront and is highly proactive in her approach.

Liteboho Korea  – A dedicated individual who studied Construction Management. With a clear vision for his future, Liteboho is eager to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully run his businesses and embark on new ventures. Through the fellowship program, he aims to establish construction and entrepreneurial networks, fostering collaboration and growth. Liteboho’s strong work ethic, versatility, and adaptability allow him to thrive in any environment. He excels in teamwork, communicates effectively, and possesses a decisive leadership style.

Makhabane Khoanyane – Makhabane, a graduate in Occupational Health and Safety, eagerly joins the fellowship program to further his aspirations and dreams to become a risk manager and establish his own consultancy in health and safety. Beyond his professional pursuits, Makhabane’s proactive nature, quick wit, and intelligence shine through. He finds joy in exploring the art scene at Cafe What, expressing his creativity through music composition, and venturing into the world of filmmaking.

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