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There’s something about a change of season that inspires change, particularly spring which is the season we have just started in Lesotho. It births so much freshness, it stimulates new beginnings everywhere.

So in light of new beginnings, we are inviting young Basotho creatives to design a new logo for our organization.

This is a competition – so drink up all your creative juices and design a logo that will blow our minds. Think sun rays / hope / change / new beginnings, think “rise”.

To enter

Send your full name, your social media handles, contact details and your originally designed logo to [email protected]

Competition closes on 15 October 2020. Winner will be contacted within 15 days of closing date.

Best of luck!


The winner gets a 4-week internship with rise.

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Lesotho Blues


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  1. Toka Teli
    October 7, 2020

    More than 50% of new businesses struggle in their first year let alone even not make it, and an increasing lack of training, support and access to accurate information, can all contribute. These are some of the reasons why we need an enterprise hub in Lesotho as it would ease the onus in the lack thereof of an entrepreneurial platform, thus providing relevant, affordable and high quality services to the micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSME) sector in the Lesotho.

  2. Tiisetso Ts'ola
    October 10, 2020

    The enterprise hub is needed most as a creation of jobs because in our country unemployment rate is very high. Again for is necessary so that architects can expand their role in society and regain their rightful place in the building environment.

  3. Felile Mokhobo
    October 21, 2020

    The enterprise hub is needed to equip entrepreneurs with the skills of writing a business plan that will attract investors, it is also needed to equip entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship skills which will help in building and sustaining a successful business….

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