Plastic Trainings For Entrepreneurs in Lesotho

We kicked off the month with a two-pronged approach to support local entrepreneurs. First, we held workshops on creating innovative building materials, that were made possible through funding from the British High Commission – Interlocking Compressed Earth Blocks (ICEBs) and Plastic Bricks. These workshops provided participants with the skills and knowledge to transform plastic waste into useful products, tackling environmental issues while creating business opportunities.

The sessions were industry led by individuals with experience and expertise as seen in fig 1. & 2 Cliff Crutchfield of Crutchfield Engineering and Limpho Thoahlane, founder Pheha Plastic demonstrated to participants how plastic bottles and other waste material can be shredded, melted and molded into different recycled materials such as tiles and earrings. This innovative solution could help in addressing both the plastic waste crisis and the need for affordable housing.

ICEB training for fired brick entrepreneurs 

The plastic workshop was followed by ICEB training for fired bricks makers to raise awareness on the use of an alternative sustainable construction material which is both durable and cost effective.  

The training was led by rise site supervisor, Chokotsi Mokoma who has been working on the production of the blocks.

Capacitation of Entrepreneurs & Raising Awareness

Following the technical workshops, our Business Trainer, ‘Maneo Seekane, provided entrepreneurs with valuable financial and marketing skills to strengthen their businesses.

New running water toilets launched at Lithabaneng Primary School

We are thrilled to celebrate the completion of new flushing toilets with hand washing stations at Lithabaneng Primary School! This project, part of our 5-Hub-Schools initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training, replaces the old and unhygienic facilities. Safe and sanitary toilets are essential for student well-being and contribute to a more positive learning environment, particularly for young girls who might otherwise miss school due to a lack of proper facilities.

A Huge Thank You to Our Partners

We are incredibly grateful to Action Ireland Trust for funding this vital project and for the dedication of over 65 volunteers who came from Ireland to work alongside the communities in Leqele and Lithabaneng.

There are many ways you can be a part of rise International Lesotho’s mission to empower communities and build a brighter future. Visit our website to learn more about volunteering and donation opportunities.