God’s Love Centre is an orphanage for vulnerable children in the peri-urban area, called ‘Sekamaneng’.It was established in 2001 by Mme Neo Motants’i, and has become a refuge for over 60 orphans and children without families. Many of the children at God’s Love Centre have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.  The center is located 20km outside of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho in a nearby district of Berea. 

The Problem

The orphanage was highly overcrowded. With only 2 bedrooms, it was initially built with the aim of housing about 12 or 15 children but when we discovered it, there were 45 children living there. The grounds needed immediate improvement, the number of children was also increasing rapidly, and there was no privacy between the younger children and the adolescents. There was a desperate need for a new building.

rise built a new residence for GLC solely for those above the age of 18. This building was constructed as the first in loco project in 2018, and was officially handed over in February 2019. The residential area has a tuck shop for means of income, a computer laboratory for the residents and community to learn how to be tech-savvy, and food gardens for a sustainable means of food provision. 


rise purchased land about 10 km from the initial GLC site and then designed and built a new building for the orphanage. This building was designed for adolescents of ages 13 to 18.  A shipping container was converted into a computer center and a tuck shop on the other end. 

The Impact

Over 20 young boys and girls were given a home every year. The community computer center was a good resource for the community to have access to the internet and computer facilities, especially in this day and age of technology. The adolescents also got capacity training for financial independence. A group of young graduates from the Design, Architecture, and Built environment fields from local universities got relevant work experience as they designed and built the extension of the orphanage. 


” We are so grateful to ‘M’e Daniela and rise for all of their help. Now the orphanage has dignity, the older children will now have privacy and I am hoping they get the independence they need to take on life as adults.” – Neo Motants’i, Founder of God’s Love Centre